Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The whilrlwind of life.

Ok, so do you ever feel like the world is spinning, that you can't get done what you want to, and (worst of all!) those wants are so many and change almost on a daily basis!

A month ago, I was gung-ho, ready to step out into the world of craft-show selling. Then after the girls and I worked super hard for a week, I realized that the mass of time needed to do craft shows is just not in our schedule!

I even went to a craft store to show off our car-seat covers. The manager said, "yes!" she would love to have us in her store. I was so excited, someone likes my stuff! Then I did the math and after the $25 a month to be there, the 20% cut the store gets, and the 4 hours a month I would have to work there, we would need to sell about 20 a month. But who has time to even make that many? I came to the conclusion that little things like feeding my family, exercising, and enjoying my baby might be a little more important. Besides, I miss scrapbooking!

Oh, we'll still sell things...just online when we can get them done without having to meet a deadline. Watch for an etsy store link soon!

So, I've decided (again) to try to slow down (ha!) and re-focus on life. Besides those Halloween costumes need to be done.

And...the exciting thing for today (and yesterday) is that one of the gals in our homeschool group is an amazing seamstress/artist/crafter, etc. She made up a pattern for the coolest baby carrier you have ever seen and asked me to be one of her testers! You can see it here: This girl is so inspiring (thanks Jessica!) I am so excited! I swore not to start another project though until those costumes get done!

I've started though! I started Samuel's since it's the hardest and I'm hoping to help the girls sew their own. He is a dinosaur (could you have guessed!). It still needs arms, legs, and a hat, but sometimes getting started is the hardest part!
My favorite part is the tail.


Judd Family said...

Raelyn I am so impressed! His costume is just darling!! You are amazing--always doing so many things. I'm with you though..I miss scrapbooking. Good luck! Tina

Mom of 6 said...

Your blog looks great--and so does the costume. I'm still not quite sure how you fit all you do in a day; you're amazing!