Thursday, April 4, 2019


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I went through a home purge, trying to get rid of anything and everything I didn't need anymore.  Stacked up in my pantry were 72 hour food kits I had assembled in 2005.  They were sealed in mylar bags and had not been opened.  Just to see, I opened one and my first thought was, "what fun snacks!"  Then I realized that everything was useless.  I have seen rocks softer than the fruit snacks in that kit.  I was grateful that I did not have to rely on those nasty old snacks in time of an emergency!

Well my friends, it has been 10 months since many of us put our 72 kits together.  When we assembled them, Sister Clark told me how excited she was to rotate the food.  That time is now!  I like to rotate at a specific time yearly so I can remember.  I am choosing April Conference as my rotation time.  The food in your current kit should still be good, so break out those kits and have a movie night to eat all your snacks.

If you did not make kits with us last year, but would like a jumping off point, this is it!  

My goal is to give you all the resources to buy food for your 72 hour kits.  I am going off of what we put in our kits last year, but feel free to customize to what your family likes and adjust to any health needs that have changed.  I did buy in bulk, the quantities will likely give you more than you will need for just your family's kits.  Get together with another family to buy together, or plan to have a lot of fun snacks left over.  Ready? here we go...

I got everything from Amazon,,, and Costco

Here are my shopping lists :

1 L water bottles (each kit needs 2)
Nature Valley Biscuit
Fruit Leather
Quaker chewy granola bars (each kit needs 2)
Kirkland trail mix individual packets
Nature Valley crunchy granola bar
Kirkland Applesauce squeeze bags
Goldfish crackers individual bags

Annie's Bunnies (3 bags per kit)
Slim Jims (4 per kit)
Fig Newtons (2 per kit)

Yogurt Raisins (5 per kit)
Peanut Butter Cups  ( 2 per kit )
Animal Crackers (4 per kit)

Hi Chew candies (9 per kit)--No longer available, substitute with your favorite candy, 3 pieces for each day.  

Our kits included 3 days worth of food, here are the menus for each day:

Day #1
Breakfast: Nature Valley Biscuit, Annie’s Bunnies, 2 yogurt raisins
Lunch: peanut butter and animal crackers, fruit leather
Dinner: 4 Slim Jims, 2 chewy granola bars, Fig Newtons  3 Hi Chew Candies
Day #2
    Breakfast: soft baked breakfast bar, Annie’s Bunnies, Craisins
    Lunch: trail mix, Annie’s Bunnies, Fig Newtons
    Dinner:  peanut butter & animal crackers, crunchy granola bar,  2 yogurt raisins, 3 Hi-Chew Candies
Day #3
   Breakfast: breakfast cookie, animal crackers, applesauce
    Lunch: tuna & crackers, Goldfish, fruit snacks
    Dinner: bag of peanuts, animal crackers, yogurt raisins, 3 Hi-Chew Candies

As you rotate your food, also check clothing to make sure everything still fits.  Re-assess needs for each family member, i.e., add medications, take out diapers, add an additional kit, etc. 

I hope you keep your 72 hour kits ready to go at all times, emergencies are hard enough, you don't need an out of date kit with inedible food!

I CHALLENGE YOU to update (or assemble) your 72 hour kits.  If you need a list of what else we put in our kits last year, just ask and I can get you one!


When Bishop McDonald announced Leigh Braithwaite's passing, there was an audible gasp.  
I'm sure I was one who involuntarily added to that.  I immediately felt a sense of extreme 
sadness...not for her, but for me!  

The last conversation I had with Leigh, she wanted to know all about our baby and the problems
she will have after birth.  She then asked me what our baby's name was so she could pray for 
her by name.  

Leigh and George Braithwaite have long been amazing examples of unbound courage, selfless 
service and genuine love.  I marvel at all they constantly do to serve and lift others, even though 
they have had huge challenges of their own.  This is even more amazing to me as I am in the 
middle of our own "medical moment" where I feel so self-absorbed.

With Leigh's passing, along with the many days we have faced these last weeks of the very real 
possibility of losing our own sweet baby, my thoughts have turned to the need every one of us 
has to prepare to meet our Savior again.  

I realize this is a topic many of us do not want to think about, but whether this meeting happens 
upon our departure from this world, or at the time of the second coming, I think it is important for 
us to ponder how we can prepare ourselves and our family.  

This preparation is very individual, but worth taking the time to ponder.

Not by coincidence, I came across a few things today in my studies that I want to share with you:

 Sister Jean B. Bingham said, "What better way to prepare to meet Him than to strive to be like 
him by ministering to one another."  

And from D&C 61:36-39, "Be of good cheer, little children, for I am in your midst, and I 
have not forsaken you.  And inasmuch as you have humbled yourselves before me, the 
blessings of the kingdom are yours.  Gird up your loins and be watchful and be sober, looking 
forth for the coming of the Son of Man, for he cometh in an hour you think not.  Pray always that 
you enter not into temptation, that you may abide the day of His coming, whether in life or death."

I challenge you to take the time to realize what matters most and act on one thing you feel 
prompted to do to help you prepare to meet our Savior.