Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Pod

I think this is my favorite project yet! Introducing....the SweetPod, My soft-structured baby carrier.

About 6 weeks ago, Jessica (one of my homeschool friends) asked me if I would test her pattern to make this handy-dandy little thing. I jumped at the chance after oohing and aahing over hers at many a homeschool activity. She sent me the most amazing pattern and I got to make it! The catch...I only had to look for errors or changes. I think I definitely got the best deal in the bargain.

After getting lost on Jessica's blog and seeing what a talented gal she is (and seeing the other tester's blog and seeing her skill!), I'm amazed that she would ask little ol' me to try it out. Thank you! I feel honored.

So, after working on this amidst Halloween costumes and Craft Fairs, I finished it yesterday and haven't looked back. My only wish is that I would have finished it sooner!

You can put the baby in front...or on your back!

David really likes it. I finished it just in time for our carpet-cleaning project...when the house was in upheaval and no place for him to nap (or even set him down for that matter!).

No problem! He enjoyed a nice little snooze on my back, and thanks to this amazing sleeping hood (my personal favorite part of the Sweet Pod) his head didn't roll all over and he kept pretty cozy.

What a cutie!

I've never been much of a carry-my-baby-around type person, but I foresee the Sweet Pod changing all of that! Today, David helped me mop the kitchen floor--by being content. Now that's worth a lot.

Jessica said she is hoping to post her pattern to her Etsy store by December 5, so if any of you are interested, I can give it a VERY high recommendation of a great easy-to-follow pattern, a fun project, and a wonderful final result!

Jessica also asked me to test her second pattern, the SweetPod Saddle Bag. I've blogged about that wonderful thing here. Check it out!

And, my third SweetPod can be seen here.


Jessica said...

Yours looks so great! I am STILL waiting for my missing sternum strap slide thing to get here. UGH, I cannot believe I only ordered one!

Audra said...

looks just like an ergo baby carrier
minus the price of course!