Monday, October 26, 2009

Botanic Gardens, Here We Come!

In September, we visited the Denver Botanic Gardens with our homeschool group. It's a great place with a lot of fabulous outdoor gardens. On our way out, we stopped at the gift shop to look around, as it is supposed to be one of the best gift shops in Denver. I had David in the stroller with my car-seat cover over him, as he was sleeping. The gift shop manager came up and commented how great the cover is and how it would be perfect for gardening moms to cover up their babies and keep the sun off them while they worked (see how versatile it is!). So, in our conversation, I did mention that I was looking to market them. He gave me his card and took down my number and told me he might be interested in carrying them in the shop.

I tried to call him a couple of times and e-mailed him once over the next few weeks...nothing. I was about to count it as a loss, but figured I might run downtown sometime after these craft shows were over.

Today he called! He said he was very interested still, but would like to wait until spring as business at the Gardens is a little slow right now. That will probably work best for us also. It will give us time to try things out and get a few craft shows under our belt. In March, I give him a call back and we can "pick fabrics and talk business!"

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