Friday, December 10, 2010

Big News

It's a girl!

Although I'm 22 weeks today (but no one is counting), it still seems kind of weird to be telling people. We've kept it a secret for so long, but it's getting kind of obvious and I'm down to 2 pairs of sweat pants as my total wardrobe of non-maternity clothes that still fit. So, I suppose I can't hide it any longer.

I guess after 3 miscarriages in the past 3 years, I've become a little shy about spreading the news too early.

The good thing is that there are really no problems to report, she is growing right on track and I'm starting to feel like I can live again and that there is life beyond pregnancy.

We are looking at a due date of April 15, but as my babies are usually about 10 days early, maybe we'll shoot for sooner. And hey, this little one might share an April 6 birthday with big sister Sarah!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another SweetPod AND BAG!

So, the amazing and talented Miss Jessica has done it again! This time with the SweetPod Saddle Bag. An amazingly cool diaper bag that just hooks on to your SweetPod so that you can take your baby and all the necessary gear totally hands free.

Jessica asked me to test the pattern, and like when I tested the SweetPod, I was flattered, honored, and giddy to get the pattern!

This pattern, like the SweetPod, is easy to follow, with clear instructions, awesome design and really great. It's fully-illustrated, which makes it so easy and it was just fun to make!!!

It took me SOOO long to sew it up (all because of me, not the pattern--more on the reasoning for that soon) but Jessica was patient with me and I actually got it done a bit ago but didn't feel like I could blog about it as it was a gift.

A gift for this wonderful gal. Natalie and I have been friends for ever! OK not ever, but a good 12-13 years now, ever since that horrible Political Science Class at BYU where we were the only two females in the class. We've been through a lot together: dating, breakups, marriages, births, fertility woes, and so much more. We've even been lucky enough to live by each other once or twice in those years!

Getting her last baby here was a challenge. When she told me she was pregnant, I asked what she wanted me to make her. She said she wanted a baby carrier like mine, so I sighed, then gathered all the stuff. And, since the SweetPod is something no mother should live without, (and the pattern is just so awesomely amazing) I made her one...and the Saddle Bag to go with it.

I was able to give it to her last weekend, and she was very excited. Baby is a little small for the Pod yet, but I'm confident he will grow and the SweetPod will be his favorite ride (and Mom's salvation!)

And guess what else? Jessica is giving away 4 patterns today over at BLOOM. Now is your chance to get one of these great patterns for free, so head on over! And even if you don't sew, with Jessica's pattern, you SO can make one of these!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Coming...

Christmas, only 20 days away. I swear it comes faster and faster every year. There is so much I want to do and make, we'll see how far through the list I can get. There is, of course, the "have to dos," then the "really should dos," and the "I really want to, but we'll see how time goes, dos."

Since January of last year, stockings have been on my "really want to do" list. Our poor family has never really had cute stockings. Most of them are made up of those super cheap red (what is that scratchy, ugly fabric anyway?) material, you know the ones that you buy at Wal-Mart for $1. To make it even funnier, I think they were gifts from some of Jeff's old girlfriends (yes, we've been married over 10 years now). Well, since stockings have been on the list for EVER, I decided to break down and do it. While I was at it, I decided to mass-produce and make 12 of them.

The Fabric (except for the red snowflake one) is Moda's 12 days of Christmas by Kate Spain (oh, designer fabric, how I love thee!). I borrowed my sister-in-law's cute pattern and made stockings for our family, one for her baby, and some for my sister and her husband for Christmas and some for Jeff's sister and her finance for her bridal shower. She gets married right before Christmas, so I thought it would be fun. At the last minute, I thought it might be too cheezy and almost changed my mind, but she seemed really excited to get them.

Also, almost a year ago, I ran into this tutorial and thought these little birds were SO cute. And (my favorite part) I quickly saw that it would not require any hand-sewing for closure--hooray!

I whipped up a bunch to give to VT sisters, and whomever else I see fit. My only frustration was that I ran out of polyfill with 3 more birds to go, oh well. I was silly to think I could make it without going to JoAnn's before Christmas!

Hope your holiday preparation is going great!