Thursday, February 23, 2012


Valentine's Day is always fun!  Getting ideas from blogs this year made it even more fun :)   

I found an awesome tutorial for this charm pack garland...I figured it was a perfect project for my girls.  We made 2 of them, one for us and one for Grandma Becky.  Sarah and Eliza did it almost all by themselves! 

The day before Valentine's, I saw this idea.  I thought it would be perfect for Family Home Evening.

I changed it a bit.  I knew I didn't have time to dig through my scrapbooking boxes to find the cute paper, or to put the amazing hearts together.  And, no branches of our trees around here are dead to make a tree like theirs...(let alone having colored rocks laying around) so I did my own twist...

I cut out construction paper hearts (creative, I know--but very do-able).

For Family Home Evening, we watched this video, then everyone wrote on a heart something they liked about a person.  They wrote a heart to everyone in our family.

The cool thing about having a pretty big family is that when we were done, we had A LOT of hearts!  We heart-attacked our pantry door, where we can all read the fun notes--over and over again!  It was a great activity, and really  made us focus on what we really did love about each other.  I think it will be a yearly tradition. 

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

A few things that make me smile today:

Evidence from my little man that he is learning...note the phonetic spelling (and it's crossed out because he decided I'm not so mean--though he does still need to do his schoolwork).

A finished project.  The tutorial was awesome :)

And the house/project/grading/plot plans are ready to turn into the County on's been a process.  (Oh, and the exercise's really our school room.  We had to change it as people at the County thought we were starting a school, we didn't want to deal with those kind of questions.)