Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Fabulous Cover!

The reason I started this blog in the first place was to try to market our products a bit, (and stay in touch with people!). I can't believe I'm so slow posting photos of my carseat covers! Thanks Jenn, for getting me back on track!

So here it is....ta da! My new favorite things for babies! I made mine when David was about 2 months old and there has never been a day in the last two months I haven't LOVED it!

Side view

I love this little thing for SOOOO many reasons, but a few are:

  • They keep baby out of rain, sun, snow, and often wind
  • Baby-peekers are kept away (and so are their germs)
  • Baby stays ASLEEP when you are in the store, or wherever.
  • The cover stays over the baby while the handle is free, no blankets slipping off or blowing away!

I make them with heavy-duty home dec fabric, so they are super durable. They tie with ribbon on the underside of the handle and did I say they are fabulous!?

We sell them for $35 and have some already made. I need to post some to my Etsy store (again, link coming soon), but if you are interested, I can send photos or take orders for something specific you have in mind (colors, patterns, etc).

So tell everyone you know who is getting ready to have a baby, thinking about having a baby, is a grandma, or just likes to buy baby things about this great car seat canopy!

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Jenn said...

Bring it on! You are so fabulous RaeLyn! I can't wait to come pick mine out (for gifts of course...)!