Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dog

I love this dog! I think he is so cute! I made him in about a day using Fiona's Rufus Dog pattern. When I saw the pattern, I knew I wanted to make one (or five!). So, thanks to a sale in my Etsy Shop, I was able to get it as well as a pattern for Jack Rabbit, whom I fully intended to make for Easter, but didn't quite make it. I wanted to make it out of the wool flannel the pattern called for, but I either had time to drive across town to get the fabric, or make the dog. Creativity won over driving. He got made out of some black Kona I had on hand.

Well, back to my dog. I made him from my awesome brother-in-law for his birthday. His family is really into dogs, all his brothers and his parents have one, but he doesn't, as he and my sister live in a little townhouse, so I thought I would make him one. I worked hard and got it done and sent in time for his birthday.

Rumor has it my Brother-in-Law liked the dog. He said he would take him riding in his truck. So maybe he made it to a good home after all.

Who could resist this little guy though....seriously?

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