Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wanted: New camera

I really have liked my camera. I got it for Christmas of 08 and it has been great to start me out on my digital camera experience. We got a great bargain, $99 with the Christmas sales. I figured it would last me until I was able to afford a DSLR camera. I didn't realize until Saturday what a deal we got!

Because on Saturday, a child dropped it...while the lens was out...and it fell right on the lens...making it, well...broken. But, said child immediately told the truth about it and that is always the most important thing.

So, we're back to using film and borrowing Sarah's OK camera for the time being.

The question is I go for another cheap point and shoot (which wouldn't be as good as the camera I had) or try to squeeze the budget for a starter DSLR (which isn't quite the camera I was hoping to eventually get)? The only problem being that we are trying to make a lot of things happen in our family right now and $ is a huge issue...

I would love to hear any reviews you have about the camera you love and advice you have to give!

Meanwhile, I'm sending my camera into Canon for a free evaluation on repair costs (I'm not very optimistic). While it's there, I'll wait and maybe catch an amazing Black Friday deal. If I could buy my camera again for $100, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Maybe the camera faeries will be good to me again this year.


jessica said...

I have a nikon d40 which I love and totally fits my needs. It is a starter dslr and I don't think I'll ever need a fancier one. I don't think nikon makes it any more, but has replaced it with the d5000. You may be surprised if you get the starter cannon rebel that you won't need a fancier one later. Really, are you going to be adjusting your settings that much?

jess said...

I would check craigslist for a good used SLR. Here's one like mine:

Snakes said...

I have the D40 too. Which I love and I think it takes GREAT pics. It's easy and strait forward. Great for a starter camera. I hear buying them used is the best way to go, although we got a killer deal on ours on black friday....coming up. :) The DOWNSIDE to the D40 is lens upgrade. If you decide you wanna get into photography more, then the nicer lenses don't auto focus on the D40. BOOOOO!!!! So you'd have to get a new camera...maybe why they replaced it with the D5000, but I haven't checked out that camera. Personally, I think with how many pics you take that it's definitely time for an upgrade!!! You'll never regret having awesome pics of your kids growing up!!! Plus I think you'd really have a blast getting into photography and photoshop!