Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little Scrappin'

Scrapbooking is something I love to do. I got started about 11 or so years ago and it's something I keep coming back to. I love the hands on, touch the paper-ness of scrapping. I don't know if I could ever go digital.

For a few years now, I've been doing scrapbook exchanges. Where a bunch of people get together and each makes a kit for everyone in the group, then we exchange our kits. We usually get 8 or so pages with one idea, then all we have to do is put our phtots in it. It has been super great and has helped my albums grow a little quicker.

For my exchange (which happened last night), this is the page I did. The layout idea was from Jeanette Lynton's Cherish book. And I got some way cute pages in return! Our next exchange is in April, we always welcome more people!

A friend of mine does exchanges too. Hers is next week I've got my layout done, but still need to put together 10 more before next weekend.

I used the same paper pack for both exchanges. The paper is from Stampin UP. A retired paper pack called Tea Party.

When I get them all back, I just need to plug my photos in them, along with the 20-something other pages that need photos too.

I did this page a few months ago when I needed a break from sewing. I love how it turned out. My goal was to use the cute flower paper that my friend Natalie (who introduced me to scrapping back in college) gave me years ago. I found the inspiration from one of the Pebbles in My Pocket page kits. At least this one has photos!

Another of my New Year's Resolutions is to use more craft stuff than I buy (Whew! It's going to be tough). I hope I can get through at least some of my thousands of sheets of hoarded paper!

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Judd Family said...

Oh I miss scrapbooking. I love what you did with these pages. They look great! Hope you find a lot more time this year to do it!