Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love homemade bread. I remember when my mom made it when we were kids, we would devour at least a loaf or two just after it came out of the oven. It's not too much different now.

I try to make bread every week to ten days. I make it whole wheat, with fresh-ground flour. I have a fabulous wheat grinder that works great. I'm glad I have it: I can imagine lining up my kids with mortars and pestles to grind the wheat...well maybe not. I took a sabbatical from making bread for several months after David was born, as I didn't quite have the stomach muscles to knead it. Funny things, those C-sections.

Yup, this is me, Sarah grabbed the camera and caught me in the act.

I really want one of these. I've been saving money from Birthdays and Christmas in a little jar to someday get this handy-dandy bread maker. I think I'm at about $100. Maybe I can get some $ from our food storage budget too, now that Christmas is over. But for now, it's my 2 hands that make this bread thing possible.

Fresh, hot from the oven. Luckily, I was able to freeze a few.

Is there anything better than fresh-baked bread with homemade strawberry freezer jam? Well, maybe if it's covered in honey instead.

Bread anyone?


Jandi said...

mmm... looks delicious! Yes, a bread machine is a must, or a great mixer works wonders too.

Chris and Ruth said...

Yum, strawberry freezer jam on fresh baked bread does sound good.