Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

A few things that make me smile today:

Evidence from my little man that he is learning...note the phonetic spelling (and it's crossed out because he decided I'm not so mean--though he does still need to do his schoolwork).

A finished project.  The tutorial was awesome :)

And the house/project/grading/plot plans are ready to turn into the County on's been a process.  (Oh, and the exercise's really our school room.  We had to change it as people at the County thought we were starting a school, we didn't want to deal with those kind of questions.)


Ruth said...

I enjoyed looking at your house floorplan! What was the process in preparing this like? I look forward to hearing about the next steps.

jess said...

It looks great! I think I would love a 1 story house.