Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Twist

The last few weeks have been busy.  Packing up, moving into the rental, closing on the house, etc.  We got it all done just over a week ago and we were just starting to breathe a sigh of relief.  We still didn't have an absolute plan (or a job) for San Diego, but we felt like things were OK and that we would live in this Colorado rental house, eat up our food storage and try to relax a little.

Until last's funny how plans can change in an instant.

At about 7:30 last night, two Realtors came to the door offering "assistance" to those whose homes were about to be foreclosed.  Through the conversation, we soon found out that this rental we are living in has been in foreclosure proceedings for almost a year and a half and is scheduled to be sold at auction on August 17th.  Great.

We talked to our landlord asking him what was going on.  Of course, he is trying to "work it out."  Whatever that means.

Meanwhile, we feel like we need to move and be gone before August 17th.  This last week, Jeff has had some good job contacts for San Diego.  After praying and thinking much last night, we have determined to move straight to San Diego just as soon as we can.  Jeff booked a flight to find us a good (non-foreclosure) home to rent and I begin packing today.

Our big hope is that Jeff is able to get a job quickly.  Splitting up our family has never been something we have ever wanted to do, but we feel like circumstances may dictate a few weeks of him flying back to Denver to work until a job comes through.

We feel pretty confident that all will work out.  Maybe this is just the big "leap of faith" we need to take.

Wish us luck (and keep us in your prayers too!)


Olivia said...

wow! That is kind of a monkey wrench, huh? Well, good luck and I will certainly keep you in my prayers :)

Ruth said...

Oh, that sure is a twist. This is becoming quite the adventure. Good luck with everything.