Friday, February 5, 2010

Samuel Says

One of the fun things about kids is that they say really funny things.

When we were in Utah over Christmas, Samuel had an epiphany. We were driving around and he suddenly said, "Did you know that Papa has kids?" We answered that we did and asked him who they were. His reply was very thought-out and earnest, "Jaron, Stacey, and Nick!" He was so happy to have figured it out. I guess marriage brings more kids, but he forgot about his mom, and how he is related to Papa. I love how kids think.

Yesterday, Samuel informed me that he wants to be in Papa's family because our house is boring. Then he proceeded to pack his backpack to go to Utah. By this morning, it was all ready to go!

He packed just the necessities, of course: Starting out with Steg (his Stegosaurus) and a few blocks.

In the next pocket, his trusty parachute guy (the parachute itself has long since disappeared).

And rounding it out in the front pocket with George the Elephant and Spikey the Ankylosaurus.
Now to get there... As of now there's no current plans to go to Utah. We'll have to think of something.

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Mom of 6 said...

You've got to love Samuel! He's always up to something!