Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree

For the first time in our 10+ years of marriage, we went up in the mountains and cut down a tree! We usually get our tree at Home Depot or Lowes (after looking at the Christmas Tree lots and deciding they are too expensive). Last year, Jared and Kaylene cut one down for us, so this year we returned the favor and cut one down for them!

We took the family and went to Woodland Park (by Colo. Springs) and made it a day...a very fun day. I really was there too (though you wouldn't know it by the pictures--I was the one behind the lens).

Photo Tip #1, don't take pictures into the sun...sorry!

It was a big deal for Jeff to find the "perfect" trees, just the right height and as full as we could find. We saw a lot of super nice little trees, but they were a little on the short side.

Meanwhile....we took pictures!





David was pretty cozy in my Sweet Pod. Near the end all the kids were complaining about being cold. I told them to be tough and that it wasn't cold at all! Once we got up to the truck and I got David off of me and in his car seat, I changed my mind. Funny how suddenly not having your own personal heater changes the temperature!

We got the tree home, up and decorated, it looked so fun, I just had to take more photos. This time we set the timer, so we all could be in it (except for David, he was too tired).

The only one we got Samuel to hold still in, but glass-glare on the mom.

Most of the others looked like this.

It's a fun tree though. Colorado grown--12 feet high. Nothing like a tree to get us in the Christmas spirit!

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